Mahapedicon 2013



It gives us deep sense of privilege & pride to blow the “tutari” of “Mahapedicon 2013 Nagpur”. The organizing committee welcomes you to the “City of Oranges” on 18th, 19th & 20th Oct. 2013 for the academic Maha – event.
IAP Nagpur branch is proud to host the 24th Annual Conference of Maharashtra Academy of Pediatrics in the year 2013. Every pediatrician in Maharashtra is eager to attend the annual event which has unique academic content to fulfill the needs of a general pediatrician to critical care personnel.
The theme of the conference is “…Basics & Ethics…”, which ably tells the motto of our scientific committee. Rich academic content which will rebuild your basic fundamental of child care and also remind / brush your ethics in today’s fast pace & changing world of investigation oriented intensive care. Various hands-on Workshops, interactive sessions and distinguished International and National Faculties will be the highlight of the mega – event.
Welcome as well to the 9th Annual Conference of Academy of Pediatrics, Nagpur. IAP Nagpur has organized a bonanza of academic treat this conference season. NAPCON today, has an exalted position amongst the pediatric conferences. So much so that, for many pediatricians it is an annual pilgrimage. The success and adulation of previous NAPCON conference humbles us and brings a deep sense of responsibility.
Come to Nagpur and experience the real “VARHADI ZATKA”


Dr. Uday Bodhankar   Dr. Anil Raut   Dr. Upendra Kinjawadekar   Dr. Vaibhav Pustake
Dr. Uday Bodhankar
  Dr. Anil Raut
  Dr. Upendra Kinjawadekar
President, MahaIAP
  Dr. Vaibhav Pustake
Secretary, MahaIAP