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It is my great honour to write this message that the theme of the year 2015 of Indian Academy of Pediatrics is “Bridging the gap between the Rural and Urban child”.

India is a predominantly rural country. If the rural health is improved then only we will progress and today’s child is a future of our country and most neonatal and infant morbidity and mortality rate is more common in rural area. Rural child lacks basic health facilities, transportation of sick children to nearby primary health center, insufficient staff or caretakers, low economy, lack of trained paramedical health workers, misbeliefs or superstitions in village folks add more health problems in rural area. Adolescent in rural area lacks electronic media communication, suffer from anemia, STD, skin diseases, adolescent girls Рearly marriages, teenage pregnancy insufficient knowledge of contraceptive measures. Gender discrimination is still prevalent in rural areas, inadequate immunization, unclean water and poor nutrition add more burden on rural child. Our aim through Academy under the guidance of Dr. Uday Bodhankar, Patron and International President COMHAD (UK), and dedicated team of IAP Nagpur 2015 with dynamic and young enthusiastic Secretary Dr. Girish Charde and web master Dr. Kritish Balpande with support of all seniors pediatricians and my friends will try to bring rural childred physically, mentally and socially on par with urban children. We have planned activities and programmes to make this happen.

Dr. R. G. Patil
President, IAP Nagpur